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    Color the town

    Color the town How about you paint a city from top to bottom? Yes, we seem to hear you say! So, let’s start right away. Right after you click on the “Play” button, you will come to the “Next” section, select your episode, and start the game. It’s very simple you have to do in the vote. You’re driving a paintball-like ball-like vehicle. When you start the game you are given two colors, orange and light blue in total. Then you can use other colors as the section goes on. For the coloring of the city, you have to constantly press the left button of the computer mouse and continuously spray the paint. From time to time you can stop printing to prevent the paint from overflowing. At the bottom left of the game screen you can see the scores you have earned in the place where “Score” is written, and you can check which part is right where the next “Level” is written.

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