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    Elsa Massage

    Elsa Massage After clicking on the Play button, you click on the finger sign on the bottom right, you click on the click once and you start playing. The game consists of 3 stages. Elsa is very tired and expects you to massage her. When you enter the game you will see the bubbling water immediately throwing flowers on the right side of this water. Then you go to the next stage by clicking on the finger sign at the bottom right. In the second stage you will see Elsa lying down. He wants you to have a chocolate bar. You also get the chocolate right on the plate on the top right and you start pouring it towards your back. As the forward and back arrows show, you have to spread the chocolate on Elsa’s back by driving the mouse back and forth. You can see how long you have to keep this up in the bar below. After the bar was fully loaded, he came back to massage him. You’ll see the bar in the same way again, fill the bar by moving the mouse back and forth under the screen. After you have continued with the massages in this way, you are going to the last stage and you are putting the green flowers on the back of Elsa’s back and letting them relax. After you have done the massage procedures in this way, you have completed the game. Good luck with…

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