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    Marco’s Panic Game Play

    Zombies in the office Description:
    Marcos panic published abroad in the name of the office will try to put against the zombies . When we talk about the story of the game marcos working in his office one day and suddenly the door opens and a voice from the room you came from green-headed zombies attacked the office . Now this game is rigged around a sword, with the sword hero who try to kill zombies . Not only the sword and kill zombies various weapons in the game progresses, your choices will be activated the next several lives . Story started off by saying REGULAR free press anywhere , then you can choose whatever you want to weapons . Shooting with money earned in this game is to develop options or upgrades at the shop came to take part of the arms weapons, speed , bomb , increase health care options . AWSD or move your character with the arrow keys in the game , you can shoot with the space bar or shake ZXC options sword can switch between weapons . Zombies in the office you can develop yourself to play the best defense office .

    Marco’s Panic Game Play

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