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    Touch the Sky Game Play

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    Touch the Sky Game Play

    Touch the Sky Description:
    Let’s look at our hero be able to keep curious how to fly in the air ? Try to stay in the air after a long runway to fly sallındıktan , angry dogs should also note here below . Flight instruments can improve your game, the points you earn on flights . When you enter the game, so you can click once with the mouse will be released to fly towards savvy friend get down the track . Try to stay in the air for a long time with the arrow keys . Distance in the upper left corner of the game screen shows the distance you fly . Speed ​​flying speed, Altitude shows the flight altitude . Earned points in the upper right corner of the screen shows the sugars . Indicates the amount of time hour flight . After completing the red -eye flight equipment with various colors on the right side when you click OK to refresh according to points earned . Space provides the key to go faster in the game . Best flight.

    Touch the Sky Game Play

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