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Roadway Zombies

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Roadway Zombies When you drive on the road, you go from right to left all over the place to a large number of zombies, trying to keep you from your path by holding onto the vehicle. You need to fight against these harmful and sullen creatures and get rid of them in order to get comfortable on your way. You have to crush them with your strength so that you can travel comfortably and unattended while you are on the way. You will earn points by taking out the money and earning points. Remember, you should be careful not to hit the car on the way to avoid damage. You should get the maintenance bags you saw on the way to repair the damage. The percentage of the maintenance bag you see at the bottom left shows how much damage you have on your vehicle. The percentage drops as the car gets damaged. On the left side you can see how much fuel is left in the car by the fuel can icon. If the fuel in your vehicle has declined, remember that you need to collect more gasoline and store gasoline. As you progress through the vote, you are one step closer to the gold medal. You can move the car with the arrow keys. Good games …


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