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    Robo Duel Fight 3 Beast

    Robo Duel Fight 3 Beast Yes, we are back with a fighting game again. Not only people, but robots are fighting. If you want to play this game immediately, you can play with your friend as two players. This is enough to hit the 2 Player button before the game starts. You green robotsun. With the “Z” key you can attack your enemy with your spear, with the “X” you can shoot your spear with your spear and kill your enemy like this. You can also use the “A” key on the keyboard to use the items. You can see how much power your enemy has left in the left-hand bower above your own power, and the right-hand bard. Do not forget! You are a talented robotsun. Your enemy will not be able to stand your strong blows anymore! What are you waiting for ? Even if you have been attacked, you have to give the best of it.

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